Battle tactics - survival skills.

The only way to win is to fight dirty, so when you are isolated or just happen to be in these situations, try these tactics.

Naval survival
Pesky aircraft carriers can launch planes at you and cause you to loose the entire battle. They are often left undefended, however! My advice is to be and engineer and lay mines on the deck of the carrier, when the enemy planes take off/land they will be in for a nasty shock!

If you happen to be in a Japanese landing craft, by yourself, then go to the enemy's landing area and, from the cover that the cabin provides, drive into and ram any enemy landing craft trying to land, with your engines on full power you can turn the enemy landing craft to head away from the beach, buying your men vital time. This tactic is great, as your boat will take no damage from a collision at sea!

Another trick is to land your craft where the enemy won't expect it, e.g. on Midway try sailing round the back of the small island where there is little defence and attack from under the bridge hitting enemy reinforcements!

Another trick with landing craft is to run your craft ashore at the enemy's landing point, then man the machine gun and hit them as they leave their boats, if you can get your boat in the right position this is very deadly.

Finally if all else fails, ram the enemy as they are unloading on the beach, you can run quite a few over before you run aground.

Air tactics
When flying a plane you can simply jump out and parachute safely to the ground over enemy territory by bailing out, if the plane has several gun points, then three men can bail out at once, and you can fire while falling so you can clear the ground before you land.

Fly a plane low to pick up a passenger on your own team, if he presses E quickly enough he will join you in the plane.

Should you find yourself in an enemy base, and then steal one of their planes to make a getaway quickly. This gives u air superiority and u can shoot or run over any men on the runway while you get away. Before you leave you may want to leave a few mines around their tanks, jeeps and planes to hit them as they get out of the depot.

The B17 has a huge wingspan and with a careful pilot lots of men can stand on the wing without being in the plane, these men can then parachute down or drop mines etc over key positions, allowing for a huge parachute drop!

If the battle is lost, why not use kamikaze tactics, you can bail out just before u hit that enemy tank and with quick finger work u can just about survive!

Ground tricks
The Jeeps in BF1942 are not just there for racing. If you see a enemy in a jeep racing for the same flag as you are, then why not try nudging him off the road into a tree or pushing him off that cliff into the sea, it only takes a slight nudge. Jeeps are also fantastic for running over large groups of men, just drive over that bridge where they are all camping!

Kamikaze Jeeps! Use the jeep as a lethal weapon. Should a tank be passing through a valley, where there is a vantage point, drive the jeep up there, and then drive it onto the tank, parachute out and the jeep will hit the tank doing some damage while you thro grenades as you parachute downwards. Or alternatively you could simply run the jeep at the tank, and then jump out at the last second.

Lastly get a man to stand on the bonnet of the jeep, and balance there while you drive, then he can throw mines off the back of the jeep, effectively blocking the road!

Tanks are great fun to use as kamikaze weapons but their slow speed mean u can't jump out, just ram into anything u see, u will come out on top usually!

Lay explosive packs around key flags and then detonate them as the enemy arrives!

Always leave a sniper in vulnerable positions to add to the defence

Blow up enemy positions and guns as you find them so they can't be reused!

Always use the terrain to your advantage!

Put snipers in the hills, assault troops on the lowland and have a good spread of troops, never too many of one unit.

I hope this guide will help you survive on the battlefield!