Wake Island

Allied objective: survive/defend the island
Axis Objective: capture all spawn points/ kill all enemy

Set in the south pacific, this is a truly huge map: wolfenstein maps are like wondering around in a shoebox by comparison.

You start on either an aircraft carrier or on a destroyer, and use landing craft/parachute to assault the enemy strong points. The center spawn point is the most important to take, as if that is held the allies cannot get planes with which to sink your warships.

You have to take a 'flag' as quickly as possible because you are on a countdown, failure to take a flag at all will result in a quite humiliating Allied victory.

Navy: move the destroyer close to shore and bombard their bases. This is a right pain in the arse for them.

Aircraft: bomb the allied airstrip/spawn points. However there are so many flak cannon that you have to be very good indeed to make any difference.

You get your choice of spawn points and your initial strategy has to be denying the enemy any spawn points on the island. The map is so big though, that its impossible to do anything but delay them.

Infantry: get in tanks and blow em away! what works really well is a couple of tanks operating together with an engineer on standby in a jeep to repair them. use these as 'firefighters' to eliminate the enemy around a flag. Have a couple of snipers on the hills to pick up wandering Nips.

Aircraft: blow up Axis warships

The trick is to kill as many axis as possible, its the only way of winning. Do this by choosing your defensive positions well and exploiting any terrain advantages.